Book Reviews


In A Strange Habit of Mind, we join our protagonist, Cameron Winter, as he continues his crime-solving work. But we also get a window into his past. It is realistic, moving, and crushing all at the same time. Klavan pulls us into Winter’s beliefs, ethics, and inconsistencies, not just with a good plot, but with ideas that you and I face every day.

The Great Reset and its supporters declare that COVID-19 provides governments with the emergency policies necessary to radically transform the way we live. Is the church ready?

As a Christian, I have grown tired of the neo-atheist movement and its caustic rhetoric. Mackie is definitely not in that class of atheism. Join me as we explore atheism of J. L. Mackie.

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn is someone I only recently discovered. After a group of readers and I had gone through Jordan Peterson’s 12 Rules for Life, his references to the Russian survivor inspired us to take the plunge into Gulag. After reading this review, I hope you will take the same leap.