Eric Liddell is a man for our time, not because of his Olympic fame nor the glorification of him in the award winning film, Chariots of Fire. It is because we live in a time when our rationalization has destroyed the faith that fuels holy fires.

How does the “nice” Christian prepare as the horizon darkens? He must become a light in his community, someone unmovable, willing to offend and even be wounded for the Christ he follows and the moral values he promotes. In doing so, his “nice” will die. The pressure will forge a Christian, not loved, but respected; A Christian not “nice”, but kind.  

When our study has the proper aim of God, our pride is shattered, our thirst for knowledge is satisfied and strengthened, and our hearts for the lost can overflow with the love of God.

In the course of human events, the lines between religious and civil responsibility can become blurred. We are at such a time. President Biden has issued a mandate to employers and they are blindly following the edict. In the flurry of perspectives on the issue, cowardice has emerged…