Solomon's Corner
Solomon's Corner
Ep. 15 A New Religion: Divine Atheism

Deep within man is the desire to conquer death and live a life of eternal bliss. This theme is explicit in many religions, especially the monotheistic religions. Atheism was one of the exceptions, until now. C.S. Lewis predicted an atheism that seeks to transcend humanity via a spiritual scientism. For these atheists, obtaining divinity is not implicit in their beliefs or hidden in their hearts. It is the stated goal of their enterprise, and it’s unclear whether Christianity can endure its progress. In the words of Yuval Noah Harari, “History began when humans invented gods, and it will end when humans become gods”.



Daniel Roberts

I am an application developer by day and a philosopher by night. I received my MA Philosophy from Southern Evangelical Seminary and I continue to pursue, in the words of A. G. Sertillanges, “The Intellectual Life”. My primary areas of study include, specifically: Natural Law, Natural Theology, Ethics, and the Problem of Evil. Follow me on Twitter: @SolomonsCorner, Facebook: @RealSolomonsCorner.

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