Solomon's Corner
Solomon's Corner
Ep. 19 The Underground Family

It has been said that “totalitarians desire your soul”. A good place to start, and they often do, is by undermining parental and religious authority in the lives of children. Communist regimes recognize that if they can become the parental and spiritual figure of your kids, they will eventually be able to reform both city and religion in its image; if families do not stand strong, then the state can and will become an abomination that demonically claims itself to be the god and father of your children.


Daniel Roberts

I am an application developer by day and a philosopher by night. I received my MA Philosophy from Southern Evangelical Seminary and I continue to pursue, in the words of A. G. Sertillanges, “The Intellectual Life”. My primary areas of study include, specifically: Natural Law, Natural Theology, Ethics, and the Problem of Evil. Follow me on Twitter: @SolomonsCorner, Facebook: @RealSolomonsCorner.

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