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Solomon's Corner
Ep. 39 Taking American Life

Is America morally superior to Communist countries? Would we even know if America had descended into a ghoulish hellscape of the Communist dictators? But first, we will discuss what is going on in Asbury, Kentucky. Is it a revival that will turn America back to the straight and narrow, an opportunity for us influencers to cast judgment to grow our twitter following, or some form of mass formation psychosis which breaks out in Christian communities from time to time? We discuss this and why doctrine is important.

Also, we talk about the World Economic Forum’s plan to have a Global Digital Id, how it ties into the East Palestine, Ohio; a disaster which has provided us with a new noun for naming disasters. Finally, we wrap up with a new segment called “WTH is going on?” Where we discuss how Hell is trying to rise up against Christians, and offer practical advice on how you can stand firm in your conscience without becoming a hermit.

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Daniel Roberts

I am an application developer by day and a philosopher by night. I received my MA Philosophy from Southern Evangelical Seminary and I continue to pursue, in the words of A. G. Sertillanges, “The Intellectual Life”. My primary areas of study include, specifically: Natural Law, Natural Theology, Ethics, and the Problem of Evil. Follow me on Twitter: @SolomonsCorner, Facebook: @RealSolomonsCorner.

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